Wednesday, February 24, 2010

San Francisco's Chris Daly: Save prisoners, not police!

San Francisco Supervisor Chris Daly is worried about at least one of his constituencies: imprisoned criminals.

According to the SF Chronicle, he voted against an earthquake-safety bond measure because it will relocate the police from a seismically unsafe structure, but not prisoners.

"I care more about the people at the jail, the people who are there involuntarily, ... than I do about the rest of the people" at the police station, he said. And, added, "These are San Franciscans, my constituents..."

Sure, the prisons need to be upgraded as well, but when money is tight, can't we at least get started on the upgrades? And let's see, which part should we start with? Oh, yeah, let's save those prisoners who, after all, are there "involuntarily," as opposed to police and court workers, who are only there because they voluntarily choose to have a job there.

That's a four on the dumb meter.

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